Benefits of Meditation

1.  Meditation makes you feel at peace

Peace is a valuable thing.  Have you felt at peace recently ? if not, you might not
be spending enough time practicing meditation.  Each time you have a truly good meditation
the peace of the meditation spills out into your whole life.  you remember that peace
exists as a possibility no matter what is going on around you.

2.  Meditation improves your ability to think thoroughly.

As you meditate more and more you will begin to notice that you are able to concentrate
on a single project, task or area of thinking for longer.  You can think more deeply into
one thing because you are able to keep your mind on task and disciplined enough to draw your
attention back from distraction when needed.  The more deeply you can think on one thing
the higher quality of the result and the more possibilities are available to select from.

3.  Meditation gets you closer to the spiritual worlds.

As you practice meditation you get closer to what I would call the spiritual world.  Meditation reduces emotions
like fear and panic which keep you stuck in the mundane world.  If you are interested
in inreasing spiritual perception meditation is one key.

4.  Meditation improves your health

When you meditate your muscles relax.  the muscles in your digestive system also relax
food is processed better.  Your brain releases the right ingreedients for optimal functioning
and all body functions run more smoothly improving physical energy, health and fitness.


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