The Psychosomatic Effects (Effects On The Body) Of Fear

The human being is psychosomatic by nature – what that means is that our health is deeply influenced by our behavior, thoughts, emotions and social relationships. Therefore, in order to experience good health, we should care for our life style, our mental, sentimental, emotional and relational world, as well as our communication. Fear is bad for our health. It manifests itself in the form of anger and promotes coronary diseases. Fear suppressed for a long time ends up producing diseases such as cancer. Apart from cancer and heart attacks, there are other illnesses brought on by fear: addictions, anxiety, arthritis, asthma, irritability, nervous breakdowns, memory loss, gastritis, back pains, baldness, diarrhea, sciatica, crying attacks, alcoholism, constipation, hypertension, cystitis (bladder inflammation), vomiting, palpitations, digestive disorders, ulcers and migraines.

When we get old, our neurons do not die, but rather the connections between them disappear, that is what recent scientific research suggests. The neuronal connections or synapses keep us lively and young. When we have pleasant experiences, such as during meditation or when we are on a holiday or are surrounded by friends or while working in a team, some examples of activities in which we feel happy, the neuronal connections are more fluid. However, the lights go out when we feel fear. It is an emotion that is capable of slowing down and blocking the electrical impulses between the neurons. With fear we are less creative and we get older more quickly. If we do not want to suffer illnesses (or want our illnesses to get worse) we should learn to manage and overcome fear.


8 thoughts on “The Psychosomatic Effects (Effects On The Body) Of Fear

  1. Thank you Hema for the informative article , but there are questions crosses my mind that I like you kindly answer it … ,that is , what exactly is fear ?How do you describe it ? how does is feel inside human being ? is it a natural phenomena in man’s psyche or some kind of life experience inspiring matter ? and if , for example , you run in a dangerous situation , like stepping on a poisonous snake , or being followed by a an barbaric person trying to kill you , or ………. many other life threatening cases , then ,what is the name of that feeling which makes you alert and responsive to save your life ?
    Thanks a lot for your kind concern ,… with all my respect , Hooshang

    1. Fear is an unpleasant emotion or thought. It is the feeling you get when you are afraid or worried that something bad is going to happen.
      It may be due past expriences or outcomes of some bad news we heard or read in news or newspaper or something wrong happened to our near ones. There are various reasons of fear.Also, impact of fear is different for different people.

      As with feelings, when emotions are aroused, there are physical changes inside the body in the form of chemical and electrical activity. In fact, strong emotions don’t just affect the body; they also have an impact on the soul. When the soul suffers emotional trauma, from which there is lasting impact, the emotional trauma brings about an immense strain on the brain and body. Brain chemical production is likely to be affected, and there may also be feelings of depression and tiredness. But the real trauma at the root of these physical effects is at a deeper level within the soul itself, and the resulting emotional sensitivity will also arise from the soul.

      e.g. Someone suffer a series of losses or setbacks in his business that causes a lack of confidence and self-respect inside him. A sanskara of low self-esteem is created inside. As a result he become emotionally unstable and sensitive. He’ll show a tendency to react emotionally with extreme sorrow (may be in the form of depression) or extreme anger (sometimes in the form of an outburst) whenever there is a similar setback that touches this sensitivity. A person who has not suffered similarly in the past and does not have a sanskara of low self esteem, and as a result does not have this tendency, will not react in a similar fashion under similar circumstances.

      If someone’s hubby usually reaches by 8 pm and today its going to be 9:30 pm and person is not able to contact him. Now various negative thoughts arises in the mind. This can be because of some bad news heard within last 2-3 days or because of some bad news heard or read in newspaper or some previous bad experience.

      1. Hi Hema ,.. Thanks for reply and your broad explanation about the matter.The examples that has brought in , seems to me are rather some kind of “ unfortunate “ or “ disappointment”or “frustration”feels, than being fear !!! .May be I can not get the point .Anyhow , I believe fear is an inherent part of human psyche that cause him/her ( any creature !) to protect against any imminent danger threatening him/her safety or life , so it is an unavoidable phenomena in any creature essence. The only thing human can do is to learn how to manage it , so not to be caught in adverse physical and psychological consequences that you had beautifully described them . Please correct me if I am wrong and write more about the various aspects of this feeling , I mean fear .
        I sure appreciate your kind concern …. with best regard … Hooshang

      2. You are also right. I think fear can be categorized in many ways like fear of height, fear of separation, fear of death and many others. Cause of different type of fear is different. Fear can occur because of any past experiences, unfortunate or disappointment. It can occur because of any danger in front of us like u have mentioned. We are afraid of poisonous snake because we know it can kill us so that is fear of death but some people are afraid of dog also may be because of some paste experience of dog bite.
        We can not overcome all the fears but we can overcome fears which are because of past experiences.

  2. Great article, Hema. I’m a believer in The Universe, and as a result, my thinking is that we are a product of how we feel. I read some of your articles and I must say that I really enjoyed them. They are very informative and in sync with my beliefs.
    I’m looking forward to learn tons of new things from your posts 🙂
    Thanks for doing such a great job.
    Have a beautiful day!

  3. Thank you so much dear Hema , I think I am getting very close to your point of views about the matter . For me it was a great pleasure talking with you.
    I wish you full success in your career . ….. , My best regard .. Hooshang

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